Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Transforming Digital Marketing

We’re right at the start of the AI revolution but we’ve already got a good sense of how artificial intelligence will change the face of digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The importance of machine learning in your digital marketing strategy

Machine learning is a fairly young technology but it’s already being applied to various fields of marketing in ways that might change the industry for good.

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5 Experimental Uses (Benefits) for Robotics in 2019

The robotic industry is shaping how different sectors do business today. Robotic machines reduce the need for people to engage in ...

How Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Are Transforming Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is getting pretty sophisticated at doing what humans do but more quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Social Robots Can Help Hospitalized Children

New research shows that so-called social robots used in support sessions in pediatric units can lead to more positive behavior in hospitalized children.

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