5 Best Online Store Builders

There are many eCommerce platforms available that can help you create online stores and the best thing about these online store builders is that they do not require a lot of time or prior technical knowledge to set up a fully functional website and start selling products online. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 platforms to that will let you take your business online.

  1. Shopify

Shopify has all the tools and solutions present in one place. You can create online store almost immediately and design it according to your like. Shopify has an online store builder that is accessible to all its users. They can either use the pre-designed templates and save time or create their own store interface from scratch.

More than 40,000 stores are present on Shopify as it is dependable and offers many different features including the option to market your products using SEO. The stores on Shopify are also compatible with all mobile devices and offer secure payment options. It takes about 10 minutes to set up your business online using Shopify.

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a suitable option for all types of home based sellers, whether they are beginners or those with much experience in the field. The online store builder is user friendly and has many features available for all users.

The built-in features include tools for promoting the store and help in selling products online. SEO services are also available which make your website prominent in search engine results and the payment method is secure, giving customers the assurance they need when buying online. You can sign up for a free trial and create online store before you decide to pay for the services.

  1. Wix

This online store builder is most suited to small businesses. It has more than 77 million users from 190 countries around the world and the number is growing every day. A person with zero prior knowledge of eCommerce and building websites can create online store in only a few minutes.

Wix also lets users select the template they want while they are signing up and have a guide that helps you every step on the way of taking your business online.

  1. Volusion

Volusion is one eCommerce platform that offers tools specifically targeted to make the website visually attractive and user-friendly. The designs do not require heavy usage of Flash and the user experience on the business online store is very smooth and fast.

With Volusion selling products online becomes easier as the design of the website can help attract customers and let them buy your products from anywhere in the world. A well-designed website is what is required to convince customers to buy online and Volusion can help you build it.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is a powerful online store builder and it is not very expensive either. It is often compared to Wix in the design capabilities and other features offered to users.  Weebly allows customers to search for products using multiple filters to allow them to find exactly what they need. This is what makes the platform popular amongst businesses online as the navigation is very smooth.

Weebly monthly subscription packages begin at only $8 and for more additional tools and facilities you can pay much higher depending on your budget.


Choosing the right online store builder is not difficult. All that is required is some research and testing on these five websites given. Since we have provided all the information required you have to decide which website’s unique selling points appeal to you.


5 Cheapest Online Store Builders

Online store builders are now very popular because they are capable of helping anyone with no prior programming experience start selling products online. These platforms are not expensive at all and the fee they charge is peanuts compared to what one would pay for a web professional.

These websites let you create online store with the standard options for no costs with all the eCommerce capabilities required. For adding more options, you can purchase a monthly premium service. We have compiled the 5 cheapest options to take your business online in this article.

  1. Zoho Sites

If you interested in selling products online at minimum costs, then Zoho Sites is the right option for you. It provides the option to create online store that is advertisement free without having to pay anything. With Zoho you can purchase the domain name and connect it to the online store as well. Zoho has the tools required to create unlimited product pages, set up a blog, use many different themes, enjoy unlimited storage and the website is also supported on mobile devices.

The site builder only charges users for add-on such as adding more than one author, listing over 100 products and creating CRM forms.

  1. uKit

uKit is a free online store builder that does not require extensive coding or programming. The websites on uKit are very responsive and you can start selling products online immediately. The platform shows a preview of the website after every edit to let you create the perfect portfolio. It has helped take many different types of businesses online with the simple pricing strategy. Complete services from uKit can be purchased for as low as $4 per month which includes the hosting of the store.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is another cheap online store builder which charges $4 per month to create a website that is free of advertisements and can be connected to your own customized domain. If you want to create online store with simple visuals and a blog as well then all you need is a Weebly web store membership which costs $8 per month,

  1. Moonfruit

Home sellers who require an effective platform to publish their business online must try Moonfruit. The personal plan only costs $4.50 per month with many features added in the offer. You can set up a full eCommerce store with a blog as well and create custom widgets or use Google Adwords if you buy a Moonfruit subscription.


  1. IM Creator

If you care for the design of your online store, then IM Creator is the perfect choice for you as it has well-crafted templates that deliver a great first impression. The online store builder offers customizable options and the functionality is great for simple picture oriented web stores. The free version can let you create and online store and publish it on a subdomain for your very own domain a paid subscription is required which starts for as low as $2.95.


Nowadays a boatload of money is not required to set up a functioning online store. These website builders are free of all coding requirements and have made the process of creating a website very simple. It costs only $3 to $7 a month and there are no setup fees. The website templates are available to help you create a professional website in only a few minutes. These websites can consist of 10 to 25 pages of product information with widgets and other content management tools. eCommerce functionality may cost a little extra in some platforms but it is a small amount when you actually start selling products online.


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