6 Tools to Improve Your Marketing Content in 2019

6 Tools to Improve Your Marketing Content in 2019

In 2019, you have an opportunity to use new marketing strategies and improved tactical tools. What worked in 2018 and what didn’t? Are there some things that need to be changed to increase leads, traffic, revenue, and value?

With regular updates on Google’s and Facebook’s algorithms in 2018, marketing content has changed. For example, it has become harder to have content with long clickbait titles show up on Facebook feeds and Google searches.

Your content marketing must adapt to those trends and changes, at both the strategic, as well as, execution level.

When it comes to the strategic level, experts predict three key trends:

➢ Increased engagement with viewers: By using content strategies that are in alignment with audience acceptance and organization needs, you will be able to grow engagement with your viewers. This would demand a competitive analysis, content audit, and an activation strategy to support the strategies.

➢ Originality (uniqueness) in content strategies: If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be original and one-of-a-kind. This doesn’t mean that once a certain topic has been covered, it is not a good idea to publish your own opinion on this issue. Remember, the key is to show your brand’s uniqueness.

➢ Quality over quantity: You don’t need to create and publish 100 articles per day unless you are a publisher. Instead, you need to make a selection and develop breakthrough pieces of plagiarism-free and unique content.

On an execution level, finding and using the right tools could make an immense difference in your content, as well as, marketing efforts. When choosing the tools, you need to keep in mind that each will come with analytics and specific metrics.

There are hundreds of thousands of tools out there which make it even more important to try and find the right ones for your brand.

We will discuss the six best tools you can use to plan, create, publish, innovate, reuse, and track your content.


Buffer is one of the first social media schedulers. It is a great tool that connects all of your social accounts, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Buffer’s central hX works incredibly and ensures high ROI.

One of the advantages is collaboration. You can collaborate on content with your team and create high-quality and unique blog articles, social media posts, and more your audience is going to love. It is super easy to create drafts, get feedback, and refine content as a team.

Its app, Pablo, is an add-on-image-editing tool and it is quite practical.


Many small businesses and brands have a conversion rate that is below 3%. This means that an average of 97% of website traffic and potential customers is lost. This tool, GrooveJar, is an easy-to-customize pop-up app and it is designed to increase email sign-ups. It’s incredible Collect & Convert feature sends out customized templates to get the visitors coming back for more.

The tool focuses on traffic that would be lost by motivating visitors to leave their email addresses so your business can have a chance to contact and retarget them. Besides using the Collect & Convert feature, you can also integrate with email service providers like Drip, MailChimp, AWeber, Send Grid, and Infusion Soft. GroveJar’s popular pop-up apps allow businesses to pull reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook so that the reviews can be displayed on your website.


This is a content-discovery tool that allows you to detect pre-viral contents. When using this tool you can track and be notified about specific keywords and schedule them for online publication before similar contents show up on the web.

Almighty.Press is an intuitive platform that connects users with news feeds from content providers around the world.

Using BuzzSumo and Google Trends for finding viral content is not popular anymore as they measure viral content. The algorithm Almighty.Press uses is called Almighty Force and is used to track and curate pre-viral blog posts and articles. Pre-viral means content that is in the process of becoming popular and viral.

4. Tap Influence

We all know that influencer marketing is the future of content marketing. Kardashian family members, for example, are known as the “big wig” in the influencer marketing sphere. For one Instagram post, they require hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are more than 100.000 popular influencers in Tap Influncer’s database and you can see the 360-degree image of each influencer. There is additional information about influencers such as DMAs, brand affinities, audiences, and interests.

Tap Influence comes with built-in management program for tracking and campaign deployment.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing automation tool. It is pretty simple to use. There is a free and paid version that comes with a great set of features.

MailChimp has hundreds of email templates, as well am drag-and-drop email blocks to track user behaviors with UTM codes. They also track paying customers, leads, re-engage subscribers, and customize content. A/B testing option is also available.

Once you have a new subscriber, MailChimp will send you welcome emails. You can create drip-marketing strategies triggered by the behavior of each of your subscribers.

6. Idio

Idio personalizes email, web, and mobile-customer experiences. The tool provides in-depth analytics on content audit, competitiveness, performance, and content strategy. It also provides analytics on social optimization, searches, and dynamic segmentation.

In other words, Idio is a marketing-automation tool using Natural Language Programming (NLP). Based on interactions tracked, Idio updates a user’s profile based on the content the user has viewed. The tools provide customized content for all kinds of purposes including marking by choosing the best content for any individual. In just a few seconds, it can choose the best content out of hundreds of thousands of articles in real-time.

Depending on your marketing campaigns, you can use these tools, combine them, or choose one that seems right for your business to boost customer engagement which is important to generating new leads, increasing brand awareness, and elevating your profit.  More topics about Social Robots Can Help Hospitalized Children that you can see here

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