How to Grow Traffic on Facebook Without Paid Ads

How to Grow Traffic on Facebook Without Paid Ads

Most business owners and marketing experts are well aware of the pros and cons of Facebook advertising and how effective can be for driving engagement.

However, paid ads are far from the best and only way Facebook can help improve brand awareness and bring traffic to your website. While having a dedicated customer click on an ad and then make a purchase is the perfect scenario, playing the long game instead will work in your favor.

Building a loyal user base that is active on social media sites increases the chances of conversions and bring other users into the mix.

Here are just a few tips on how to direct your Facebook advertising strategy to stimulate engagement, direct sales, and produce a deeper pool of potential customers.

Interactive Content

Focusing on content that promotes immediate action increases the chances of a user getting involved in your community. Some of the most popular tools you can use are Contents, Polls, Calculators, Quizzes, and etc.

These tools will add some variety to your content and drive engagement.


You are probably familiar with the Facebook Insights tool. This tool allows you to learn more about your followers and determine which content is suitable to specific segments for your target audience.

Optimizing and adapting your strategies on a regular basis in reaction to the results you see on Facebook Insights can help you improve your end results and target specific groups of users or individual users.


Videos are the fastest-growing and most popular segment of social media and online outreach. In other words, videos are an essential tool for any business.

Users today spend less time reading than they did before, so there is no better time than now to move your content to video. Go through all of your blog posts and articles and try to video-ize them.

Facebook’s users are hungry for videos, especially videos that educate them on certain topics.

There are so many research and statistics that show the importance of video in marketing. One research in particular shows that more than 90% of mobile video consumers share videos with family, friends, colleagues, and etc.

Because of this number, videos can grow overall engagement, as well as, boost your social media audience.

It doesn’t matter whether the videos are entertaining, informative or promotional, including a video as part of your social media strategy opens up a reach to e completely new and growing demographic.

Ask & Answer

People today low to share information, details, and stories. Your social media presence and engagement take off when you are able to inspire debate or start a discussion. Asking questions is a great place to entice people to share their opinions which may lead to a debate or an agreement and therefore more activities.

Quickly and thoroughly answering any kind of questions posted by users is very important This puts you as a resource for the next queries and automatically adds to the overall social media discussion.

It is essential to ask questions to your followers. If you ever had a friend that only talked about themselves, follow the same principle to get more traffic and increase customer engagement. People aren’t looking for one person on a platform to follow. Instead, they are looking for a community experience. They want to contribute, share their opinion, and be heard. Everyone has something valuable to say, so no matter what your niche is, find ways to ask questions to your followers.

Don’t think that you know everything. That bothers people. Be vulnerable and ask for what you need to know. Remember that Facebook is a network that is designed to promote content that gets engagement. Comments, likes, and shares are an important part of that.


Even though organic posts, fun topics, and content, in general, are the keys to drive more traffic to your page and increase engagement, Facebook groups are the door to getting closer to your customer.

Creating a Facebook group is an easy way to drive engagement, analyze your market, and narrow down your focus to your audience. Instead of posting the same content at 100 different places, you can use your own group and talk to your target customers.

A Facebook group is what soil is to a farmer – all you need to do is plan your seeds and watch your audience grow.

When users join groups, it means they have more than just an interest in your group and the content posted. Finding people who are willing to be a part of a group provides an audience for whatever content grab their attention in the first place.

You already know what your customers are interested in and having them all in one place is a core piece of your social media marketing strategy.

Having a lot of followers is great, however, having those followers actively engaging can grow your reach. Every comment, like or share expands your social network and keeping your site interesting will ensure you get the most out of your followers.

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