How to master selling on Amazon Marketplace?

So, you are interested in selling products on Amazon Marketplace? Congratulations on your decision because this is one of the first steps towards online business success. Obviously, you can try to launch your own website or try another online marketplace but for many successful online sellers, Amazon’s specially designed marketplace was the right place to start their business ventures.

The truth is that there are literally hundreds of sellers present in this marketplace. This means that the competition is fierce. So, if you want to be successful you have to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we have prepared a list of tips that should help you achieve this goal.

  1. Pay attention to the product descriptions

As you are probably aware, Amazon sellers are allowed to sell almost all kinds of products on this website. In addition, they are free to sell items that are already sold on the platform even when it comes to things that are sold directly by Amazon. But, how can you attract a visitor to choose you instead of another seller? Well, the simplest answer is to watch for the product description.

Feel free to upgrade the existing description by adding useful information. There’s no need to create poetry, but feel free to describe all the features in details. Explain how the product can help potential buyers and why it’s better than other products of this kind. Of course, you should also state facts and stay away from unproven claims and false promises.

While we are talking about descriptions, you should be careful with the short descriptions which highlight the condition of the product. You can sell products that are new, used – very good, used – like new, etc. Find the option that describes the product in the right way. If you are not honest, you might be lucky to sell one product, but in the end, you will get a negative review which will send other buyers away.

  1. Use vacation settings in the right way

If you are reading this guide, then you are probably a small business owner who is trying to check the best ways to earn money online. In most cases, our readers are persons who want to manage their businesses on their own. Luckily, Amazon allows even this category of business people to make a profit. But, when you are working alone there are situations when you need a break because you can’t fulfill orders.

This is where the vacation settings come into play. So, if you are out of town or you are very sick, you can visit your Amazon Seller Account dashboard and modify the Store Settings. There’s a vacation mode there which will take away your inventory from the platform’s system. Once you are ready to continue working, you can simply use the Active button and resume with your operations.

  1. Analyze postage and shipping supplies costs

There are many Amazon sellers that are making the same mistake. Namely, they are paying expensive padded envelopes in their local stores or other shipping supplies without checking their price. When you think that you are ready to start selling on Amazon, it’s the best time to conduct research and check the shipping supply offers online.

Additionally, you should take care of the postage. Keep in mind that choosing First Class Package usually means faster delivery. However, this option is way more expensive than Standard Mail for instance. Analyze your target audience and postage options, try to figure out what works best for your potential customers.

  1. Get organized

This is a very important issue for everyone involved in selling things on Amazon. This is especially true when it comes to Amazon stores that have a wide range of products in their offer. While it’s true that it’s really easy to list the products, it’s also true that you need a system to organize these products so you can find them quickly whenever you need them. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to group your products by type and after that find a way to organize these products in a meaningful way. In the beginning, you can store your products in one of the rooms of your home (if you are selling your own products) and after that, you can use a warehouse.

  1. Take care of the labeling procedure

Do you know how to spell in the right way? If you are like most people than your answer is affirmative, but keep in mind that even if your handwriting is good, you will probably start labeling packages in a hurry in some situations. In addition, you can get distracted during this process by many different things. Now imagine a situation where you have used a wrong buyer’s address on a package. Or a situation where you have switched addresses. This could lead to many negative reviews which will affect your business in the long run. Once again, you should develop a labeling system which will minimize this kind of situations.

  1. Stick to Amazon’s rules

Just like any other serious online marketplace, Amazon has developed a set of rules and as a seller, you have to respect and stick to these rules. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are trying to take advantage of this site thinking that they can get away and make a profit faster. This is a short-term plan that usually doesn’t end well. That’s why you have to stick to the rules and you also have to check the updates related to their policies.

  1. Take care of customer service

Finally, you should understand that customer service is very important to modern buyers. Try to do your best to respond to customer inquiries in a short period of time. Take the time you need to deal with disputes without affecting your business in a negative way. You should manage returns quickly. In other words, take care of your customers.



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