How to Sell on Amazon: A Basic Guide

As you are probably aware, there are many ways in which you can earn money online. One of these ways is to sell on Amazon, the world’s busiest online marketplace. But, what’s even more interesting is that you can use a few different methods to make money on this platform too. By analyzing the options you have, you should be able to make the right decision. Now let’s highlight these methods.

Amazon Marketplace

With the help of their popular marketplace, you will get a chance to sell a wide range of products on the same website where Amazon is selling their products. This is a unique approach that you can’t find on many other websites. Another unique thing is that you can sell the same products as them if you want to. Keep in mind that unlike eBay, the prices of products found here are fixed – there’s no bidding. Every registered and approved user is able to list as many products as they want for a small monthly fee or for free. But, you shouldn’t forget that there’s a referral fee for every successful sale made on this platform. In addition, we should point out that sellers can sell new and used items here.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are interested in creating a small business or you are looking for a second source of income – Amazon Marketplace can help you in both cases. There’s another method of making money via Amazon and that’s Amazon Associates which represents a popular affiliate program.

Using Amazon Marketplace to sell products

The good thing is that it’s not difficult to start selling via Amazon Marketplace. There’s no need to become a registered member before you start selling. In other words, you can create a dedicated seller account once you list a product on this platform. In case you have opened a buyer account on this site before, you can simply add a seller account.

To become a registered seller, you will have to share your business name, a display name/username, a physical address, and a phone number. This is the starter package for every seller. After that, just look for the Sell On Amazon button on the main page and once you click on it you will reveal two basic options – an individual seller or a professional seller. A professional seller will have to be prepared to pay a small monthly fee, but with this fee, they can sell over 35 items per month, but there are no per-item fees for sold products. Individual sellers, on the other hand, can sell fewer than 35 items per month; don’t pay monthly fees, but pay per-item fees for sold products. If you are not sure which option you should choose, go with Individual seller because you can upgrade your plan at any moment.

When you start selling a lot of items, you should consider the option to become a Pro Merchant Seller. This is a title provided by Amazon to sellers that have a chance to use a wide range of bulk listing and volume selling tools. Additionally, you can use a dashboard which lets you handle product descriptions, orders, and inventory in a simple way. We should also mention that you are allowed to import and export info from and to your seller account. Even though it might look like an additional cost, once you start selling more things on Amazon, this option will become cheaper than the individual seller option.

How to sell products on Amazon Marketplace

We’ve shared information about the basics of creating and using seller accounts, but now let’s see how you can list products for sale on their Marketplace. The basic objective of this platform is to let you sell your products on the main page, the same page that Amazon uses to sell things. So, it’s a smart move to look for trending new products found in their catalog. You can rely on their Search box located on top of their main page. Select a name and/or type of product and you will be taken to the right page to list it.

After that, take some time to examine the type of product, the model number, and brand or other things that might help you figure out whether the product you are looking at is worth the effort. In the end, use the Sell Yours Here button. Before listing that product, you will have to log into your account. With this step, the process of listing is finished.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget that if you are trying to sell a product that is already present on Amazon, you don’t have to create a specific listing. To put it simply, you can use the same descriptions and photos found on Amazon. The only thing you have to do is to describe the condition this product is in – used as new, new, used, etc. In addition, you must share the quantity and share your price. Finally, you should share the shipping options you are offering. This is the moment when you have to choose whether you will ship the products from your offer abroad or not.

Of course, if you want, you are free to provide an additional description of up to 2.000 characters. Keep in mind that we are talking about characters, not words. With the right approach, you can make your product stand out from the crowd in this way. The final step in this process is to check the summary and confirm that you understand how much money you will pay in fees in case some of the items are sold. In case you agree, click Submit Your Listing and start looking for ways to promote your products. The item stays listed for 60 days and it’s removed if you don’t sell a single item. As a Pro Merchant, you can keep the listing as long as you want.

Now that you know how to sell products on Amazon it’s time to start your online business venture.




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