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Pro Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page

The latest statistics reveal the importance to businesses of having a strong and well-established presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites, with more than 30 million businesses on its platform making it three times more effective in generating traffic and leads than Facebook and Twitter.

Although LinkedIn can recognize and filter results according to the search requirements of the user, businesses still need to optimize their page on the platform. You simply can’t improve your online presence if your page isn’t upgraded.

Here are five pro tips you can use to optimize your company page on LinkedIn.

1. Create an Appealing Company Profile

Businesses need to create an appealing and visually creating page by combining text with an image (the recommended size for images is 1200 x 627). Since our brain can process images 60.000 times faster than words, adding more images will provide businesses with 94% more views.

A business company needs to take measures in making sure that they upload text with images, charts, infographics, presentations, and more. Companies can also consider uploading and creating videos. They can publish these videos and images with text on Linkedin’s platform as well as on their official business page.

Another way a company can create interest is to design an attractive header image, changing it from time to time (the ideal time is six months). Businesses can use their banners for all kinds of promotional services such as highlighting various teams or departments in the company, advertising future events, and etc.

2. Add Hashtags

LinkedIn has motivated users to search for business-specific hashtags and post them to blog posts and comments. The networking platform has more than 200 different hashtag categories.

There are a few ways businesses can use strategic hashtags on LinkedIn. Here are some of them:

➢ Use hashtags to keep track of your customers
➢ Add tags based on location – nationally, locally or internationally.
➢ Create hashtags for potential customers you want to attract
➢ Reach out to popular individuals, influencers and bloggers in your industry by using hashtags to draw their attention.

3. Optimize for SEO

Businesses need to optimize their official business page on LinkedIn for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An SEO-optimized profile will grow online visibility among users looking for information on them, for example, the type of products they sell and the services they offer.

Businesses can optimize their profile by doing the following:

● Adding keywords and phrases into their business profile
● Creating links to the profile by adding it to their ecommerce website, blog, and other promotional or marketing material
● Sharing engaging and relevant content on a daily basis

4. Publish and Share Content

Publishing, promoting, and sharing content on social media has become crucial for targeting the right group of people. Brands want to target a specific demographic to achieve the best results possible. Businesses need to take advantage of this and post two to four times per week, creating and sharing media ranging from blog articles, videos, slideshows, infographic, and more on LinkedIn. The goal of content creation is to attract customers’ attention, engage with them, and convince them to return.

Another thing that confirms the power of content creation is the numbers or the statistics that show that content receives almost 9 billion impressions each week. Only 3 million users share media (articles, videos, slideshows, and etc.) each week and LinkedIn as a network has more than 500 million profiles.

5. Respect The Four-One-One Rule

The rule states that for every four pieces of content, companies publish, they need to repost one post, as well as, one self-serving post.

Businesses don’t need to create unique content each time, however, can share content from another blog or website that they think it is relevant and interesting to their target group. The content published is classified as new because it hasn’t been shared before or introduced to the audience.

Also, businesses can repost articles or blog posts of other users that they found as educational and intriguing content. This allows brands to establish relationships with potential customers and other businesses.

It is important for companies to create self-serving blog posts that have the power to promote the business to the target audience. Self-serving blog posts include links to content they have published or created, links to the website or online store, and announcements.

There you go – five pro tips that will help you optimize your LinkedIn company page and ensure your brand makes a long-lasting impression.

Another, final thing you can do to ensure a positive outreach is to gather recommendations by contacting directly with followers and new clients.

For example, is someone comments on a blog post or article you have shared on your LinkedIn business page or messages you with a question, inquiry or an issue, use it as an opportunity to create a conversation and win the endorsement.

Building a professional and yet friendly relationship with your followers is important. They want to be heard and respected. If you show them you care about their opinion, they will certainly respect you even more.

And you know what they say – good words spread fast. If you have a positive reputation, you can expect more conversions, engagement, and, of course, more sales.

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