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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and How Does It Work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of developing robots and computers capable of analyzing data to provide important information or trigger events based on research and findings. Through various techniques such as neural networks and machine learning, businesses from all over the world are investing in machines to think and act more like humans.​

What Is The Difference Between AI and AGI?

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Artificial Intelligence is the term used to describe a machine’s capability to imitate human intelligence. Some actions like logic, learning, reasoning, creativity, and perception that were considered unique to human beings are now being imitated by technology and used in every niche and business industry.

One common example of AI in today’s digital world is chatbots or live chat versions that handle customer service questions on websites.

AGI or Artificial General Intelligence refers to AI with human-like intelligence levels. While machines are superior to humans at specific tasks there is no AI that can replicate the ability of human skills.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is AI-based technique for inventing computer systems that learn and improve based on experience. Some popular machine learning apps include managing investment funds, self-driving cars, making medical diagnoses, performing legal discovery, evaluating creative work, and much more.

What is Neural Networks?

Neural networks is another AI technique created after connections in the human brain. This technique is capable of learning and evolving over time.

For example, Siri’s voice recognition technology uses neural networks. Google also introduced this technology to improve English-Chinese translations.

How Does AI Work?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a very complex field with many methodologies and components used to accomplish the end result – intelligent machine. Artificial Intelligence was created by analyzing the way the human brain learns, thinks, and decides than using these mechanisms to computers.

Artificial Intelligence is based on providing a machine the required inputs, as well as, the desired outcome, allowing the machine to develop its own path to accomplish the end goal. This allows computers to optimize a situation better than humans, for example, improving financial processes and optimizing supply chain logistics.

What Are the Different Types of AI?

There are four different types of Artificial Intelligence:

➢ Reactive machines use data to draw decisions and conclusions, for example, chess AI.
➢ Limited memory uses data to read a situation and make certain decisions, for example, self-driving cars.
➢ Theory of mind deals with AI understanding that every entity out there has its set of concepts, for example, intentions, motives, and emotions.
➢ Self-awareness is the fourth and final stage of AI where an AI can’t only understand other’s theory of mind but also has a concept of its existence.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

AI is used in all businesses. As a matter of fact, you interact with it on a daily basis. Smart cars, chatbots, health care, IoT devices, logistics, banking, and more use AI to provide users with a superior experience.

One Artificial Intelligence example that is finding its way into consumer’s homes is Apple’s Siri – the voice assistant, Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. AI-equipped voice assistants are powerful tools integrated across ecosystems of devices and channels to provide human-like assistant experience.

Yes, it is pretty impressive.

Is AI Safe to Use?

AI is as safe as the technology it is designed upon. However, you need to keep in mind that any device that uses AI is connected to the Internet and considering the fact that Internet-connected device security isn’t ideal we all continue to witness company data breaches.

If the device you are using is not properly secured, there could be possible AI vulnerabilities.

What Are the Best Artificial Intelligence Companies?

Both small businesses and enterprises are investing in AI technology. Some of the top companies are:

➔ Apple
➔ Amazon
➔ Google
➔ Microsoft
➔ Facebook
➔ Petuum
➔ BenevolentAI

APEX Technologies was ranked as the best artificial intelligence company in China.

The Benefits of Using AI

There are numerous benefits when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. AI can help create a more precise and accurate analytics, reduce human error, turn data collecting tools into powerful diagnostic devices.

Wearable devices are one example of AI. Fitness trackers, smartwatches, and etc. put data in the hands of the users to motivate them to play a more active role in managing and controlling their health.

How One Can Learn to Program AI?

Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are publicly accessible governing requirements on how apps can interact and communicate. Open APIs provide developers access to web or software services so they can integrate them into their programs.

For example, you can design your own chatbot by using a specific framework.

What is The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence technology is improving daily. There is no doubt that AI will shape the future of a variety of industries including transportation and logistics, IoT (Internet of Things), digital health, life insurance, and etc.

AI is not the future of technology – it is the present. Take a look around you and see how voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Home have become more and more included in your lives. This will continue as they learn more and evolve. And while AI is having a huge impact on our daily life, an even larger impact can be seen in the e-commerce industry.

Regardless of the industry you are in, AI is everywhere. It will change the way you do business. The real question is: Are you ready?

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