Why Content Marketing Creation Should Always Be a Team Effort

Why Content Marketing Creation Should Always Be a Team Effort

Today content marketing is known as a vital aspect of any company’s marketing efforts. For a new small business or startup with a limited budget trying to find the best way to create engaging blogs, unique infographics, and compelling social media posts can seem overwhelming.

So, will you be able to find the budget and time to create quality content?

Content marketing doesn’t have to be something that a lone advertising employee has to handle on his one. Can you agree?

When the entire team gets involved in the project, it won’t only become simpler to produce content marketing but you are also more likely to generate unique and compelling content that strengthens your business and helps you attract new customers.

There are six ways you can get everyone together to contribute to creating content marketing materials:

1.Motivate Everyone to Promote Content

Motivate Content Marketing

In the early stages of a business, it can be overwhelming to get the content out there to reach a wide audience. This is where a company-wide effort can really make a difference.

With Facebook’s new updates, many people might not see your content if a friend doesn’t share it. Motivating the entire team to share your content through their personal Facebook accounts can be a great traffic-builder.

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2. Share Information as a Team to Save Time

High-quality content marketing isn’t promotional, at least not directly. Instead, it shares useful information and details with a brand’s target audience. Obtaining that data can be complicated and time-consuming endeavor for a business owner or marketer and usually there are others within the business company who have access to the necessary information.

Supporting the sharing of knowledge can speed up the process. According to one research, employees spend on average two and a half hours a day which is about 30% of their work time searching for information.

So, if everyone has access to the same information, it will significantly improve efficiency and save you both time and energy.

3. Encourage Brainstorming Sessions

Your employees and workmates may not have the right skills or background for writing a blog post, creating digital graphics, and etc. however, this doesn’t mean they can’t get involved in your group project. All of your people can contribute creative ideas for content. The reason they work for you is likely because you all share the same interests.

Brainstorming sessions, be it online through a Slack channel or Google doc or in a private conversion can provide great opportunities for those employees without writing skills to share their ideas. As soon as your team gains creativity and confidence, they could start creating content themselves by assisting with social media, creating simple infographics, writing guest posts, and etc.

Content Marketing Group

4. Getting Expert (Technical Savvy) Input

While content marketers may have the experience and the skills to write an engaging article, blog post or design an attractive infographic, they may not be fully aware of what their target group does or doesn’t know.

In situations like these, getting expert input from members of your team can go a long way in making sure the creation of the content is nothing less than quality. Employees can use their technical background to provide information on the jargon that should be used on your website or social media, check articles or often guidance as to how in-depth marketing materials should be, and etc.

Teamwork will ensure that all content marketing materials are helpful, accurate, and relevant for the audience, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

5. Share Work-Related Projects and Experiences with Others

Another way to create content marketing together is by encouraging your employees to share stories or photos about the work project via social media.

This makes it easier to highlight your brand personality through an informal form of content marketing. As you know, many individuals have more followers on social media than a newly launched business.

You can also use the content for your accounts. You need to encourage sharing by helping employees understand what they should or shouldn’t post.

Gather all of your employees and explain why it is important to share work-related projects and experience with others. The end goal is a brand promotion where all of you will benefit. Together decide when is best to share the content and create a schedule which all of you will respect.

6. Interview Staff Members to “Pull Back the Curtain”

The truth is that not everyone may feel good coming up with creative ideas for a marketing campaign, however, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be involved in the content production process.

Social media followers and online audiences crave for personal and behind-the-scenes looks and by interviewing staff members or highlight what they do in a short video, you can go a long way in promoting your brand.

Allowing your potential customers and business associates a look at the nuts-and-bolts of your internal company processes is a great opportunity to share with them success stories, as well as, stories of failure and despair. Both you and your followers learn about each other, creating new opportunities for business and collaboration.

Great content marketing requires a lot of work, however, it doesn’t have to leave you completely overwhelmed. You can use these six tips to get everyone in your company involved in this task and you will be ready to get the results you want from your marketing efforts.

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